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Step Down Therapist
Telluride, Co

Lindsey Bosse grew up in Colorado and moved to Oregon when she went to college at Lewis & Clark. After completing her undergraduate degree, she started working in wilderness therapy where she developed her passion for working with young adults. In the last decade, Lindsey has worked with adolescents and young adults in inpatient and outpatient settings in Central Oregon, and has completed her Masters in Social Work from Boise State University. She was also able to participate in an Oregon Health Authority sponsored Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC). Lindsey currently works as the outpatient clinician for clients at Skyline, focusing on empowering their learned skills and learning more about who they are becoming as adults in recovery. 


Lindsey’s passion for mental health work started after years of working for magazines and newspapers, where she was often talking to people and learning their stories. She transitioned from pursuing journalism to psychology, and hasn’t looked back since. Her style depends on establishing relationships with clients, and collaborating with them as they explore the authentic parts of them they’ve been missing or haven’t yet found. Lindsey utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy to explore a client’s past and how to integrate their values into their future. 


When Lindsey is not at work, she’s enjoying the outdoors of Central Oregon via biking, hiking, rafting or skiing with her partner and their two dogs, Kenja and Maggie. When not playing outdoors, Lindsey enjoys trying new recipes and playing board games.

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