The Three Pillars

Phase 1 
Integration & Stabilization
Phase 2
Exploration & Consistency
Phase 3
Individuation & Launch
Recovery House PNW

Integration | Stabilization

During this phase clients are introduced to the Skyline Recovery community; attending daily therapeutic groups or recreational activities, engaging in recovery activities or meetings, and are working closely with their therapist, life skills mentor, and their recovery coach. Family therapy work is robust, finances are closely monitored, and accountability is weaved into their schedule.  

Phase 1

Recovery House Pacific Northwest

Exploration | Consistency

During this phase, more freedoms are permitted such as brief leaves of absence, extended curfews, the opportunity to earn
back a vehicle, more financial independence through greater financial responsibility,
and a more tailored program to meet the client's schedule and overall needs. Family work shifts towards autonomy for the young adult and healthy
boundaries within the system.

Phase 2

Skyline Recovery House Bend Oregon

Individuation | Launch

During this phase, clients have established a consistent way of being that promotes health, recovery, and wellness. The client now has an established recovery community and several freedoms that mirror independent living. During this phase, the client’s life should be more outside of the
program as they prepare to move out or transition into our “step down” phase.

Phase 3

Advanced Integrated Services

Young Men's Recovery House

Step Down Phase

Freedom With Support

This phase is for clients who have successfully completed a minimum of 3 months in the primary program. Continuity of therapeutic work, recovery mentoring, and life skills 

development provide dynamic opportunities for growth with far greater individual freedom. Daily and nightly accountability provides structure while the overall schedule is far more 

autonomous and client driven.

Outpatient Therapy & Sober Coaching

Outpatient therapy and sober coaching sessions are available to clients who have completed the Skyline Recovery program

and members of the community seeking recovery, community, and healing.

Young Men's Recovery House