Residential program 

Our residential program offers the full scope of our Recovery Support Services in the context of a safe, sober, and fun living environment. Our clients have the balance of independence and support from our team as they are navigating the road of early recovery. 

Phase 1: This phase provides a structure to help individuals transition from a residential or wilderness program. there is still plenty of room for an autonomous life and the opportunity to learn and grow independently of a structured treatment program. The focus is on continuity of personal growth through participation in Skyline groups and individual sessions. This phase will include staff led activities, budgeting and money management, medication support, comprehensive life skill assessment and development, and integration in the the Bend community. The main focus will be preparation for a return to work or academia through therapeutic and life skill support: This phase typically lasts 30-45 days and is tailored to the needs of the individual. 



Phase 2: To enter into phase 2 a client must be entering into classes, returning to work, or volunteering regularly. At this phase the client will gain more autonomy and independence as they are developing their life and support system in the community. They will attend all groups and sessions that are important for their sustained development. At this stage clients assume a larger leadership role in the community to support their peers and lead by example. 



Phase 3: During this phase an individual will be preparing for a life outside of Skyline Recovery. Attendance of individual life skills, sober coaching and therapy sessions will still be required but all other Skyline Recovery activities will be optional and based on the individual’s schedule. Overnights and leaves of absence will be more regular and the client will be transitioning to outpatient support services. The typical length of stay in the residential program is 4-6 months depending on the needs of the individual. This is determined collaboratively by the client and the Skyline team. 



Outpatient Recovery Support Services: Continuity of care is very important. Before a client ever departs the Skyline Recovery home, they will have an action plan in place with a therapist and mentor that they will continue working with on an outpatient level. Therapy and coaching sessions will be scheduled to meet the clients needs and different levels of involvement and commitment are available. 

Recovery support services

Sober Coaching

Clients work one on one with our experienced coaches to learn how to navigate the challenges of early recovery. This additional layer of accountability ensures that clients integrate into their local recovery community.

Individual Therapy

Clients work intensively with their individual therapist to address to barriers to living an authentic life. Our clinical team utilizes cutting edge modalities such as Somatic Experiencing, DBT, EMDR, Brainspotting, mindfulness-based approaches, and experiential techniques.

Family Work

Clients and their families work with our clinical team to repair relationships, develop healthy lines of communication, and move into a relationship of mutual respect and autonomy. 

Group Therapy

Learning to heal through vulnerability, a deepening of connection and the formation of a new tribe.

Experiential Work

Incorporation of nature based Rites of Passage experiences, ceremony, and experiential therapeutic approaches to deepen the recovery journey.

Life skills mentoring

Learning daily tasks such as cooking healthy meals, budgeting, creating a realistic schedule, honoring commitments, and a re-entry into a work or academic life. 

Recovery Support

Accountability is established to the Skyline team and the family through random drug screening, individualized treatment plans, and monitored recovery goals. 

Recreational Outings

Finding healthy activities and emotional growth through the abundance of outdoor activities in Central Oregon. 


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