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recovery mentor

As an alumni of Skyline, Guy serves as a Recovery Mentor for current clients. After experiencing several treatment centers and transitional programs himself, Guy found a lasting approach to sobriety with Skyline. Attributing the connections and skills learned at Skyline to create a 'life worth living', Guy now passes that experience on to current clients, relating in a way that few others can. 


With the support of Skyline Recovery, Guy returned to school and began as a teacher assistant- he now teaches a 4th/5th grade classroom.


In his role at Skyline, Guy dedicates time with clients and connects them with the recovery world outside of Skyline, in Bend, laying the foundation for greater community support as clients plan for next steps. Plus, Guy takes the lead on the Wednesday night BBQ meeting, helping the young men in the Bend recovery community have a dedicated space.


Guy uses his free time to be active, whether in the gym or out in nature. He enjoys traveling, and whatever creates memories with the people surrounding him. Did we mention he is an incredible cook?! 

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