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Recovery Coach

Damian has worked with youth and young adults for many years and has dedicated his adult life to the pursuit of healing trauma and breaking generational chains of dysfunction in families. He began his career working in a children’s hospice where he counseled children who had lost their parents or close loved ones.  Damian volunteers his time and energy every summer and helps facilitate Camp Sunrise in Redmond, Oregon.  He also has experience as a wilderness therapy field instructor and has worked with youth in many different stages of healing. 


Damian’s focus is meeting people where they’re at, building relationships, and making connections that often lead to new understandings and growth. He believes in helping people find inspiration in life and aiding them in gathering the tools to get them where they want to go. 


Damian has always been inspired by the theories of Carl Rogers and his belief in unconditional positive regard. He is also very active in Men’s Work and often leads retreats and other community programs involving the obstacles men often face in today’s world.


“Without these, relationships, healthy personalities will not develop as they should, much like a tree will not grow without sunlight and water”. - Carl Rogers

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