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recovery mentor
Oakland, california

Beginning as a wilderness therapy guide, Wes has spent the last several years supporting young adults in the world of mental health and recovery services. Wes transitioned into the role of Recovery Mentor at Skyline, role modeling a new way of living through activity and community involvement. His ability to demonstrate an active, involved, and enjoyable lifestyle to the young men of Skyline is unmatched. 


Day to day, Wes attends OSU Cascades, studying psychology. At Skyline, Wes supports clients in balancing work and play, making sure that t's are crossed and i's dotted before fun (or after, order isn't everything, after all). 


When Wes is not working (but sometimes also while working) he enjoys skiing, surfing, mountain biking, trail running, playing basketball, lacrosse, soccer, reading, watching television, board games, playing musical instruments and hanging out with dogs.

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