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Since 2012, Scott has specialized in helping students find purpose, self-efficacy and success in a one-on-one coaching relationship. Through collaboration with students from all walks of life, he has utilized a behavioral coaching and student-driven growth model that believes every individual has the capabilities to meet their goals, but may need guidance and support to do so. He has coached and mentored over 100 students, each of which has had various challenges with learning disabilities, anxiety, depression, executive function challenges, motivation challenges, gender change, homelessness or substance abuse. He is an expert in guiding students to navigate the complex systems of public schools, higher education institutions, online learning platforms and the college admissions process. Scott believes that academic success can only be supporting with a sense of personal ownership, and a balanced, healthy life outside of the classroom. He has a proven track record of guiding adolescents to adopt an increased sense of responsibility for their actions, and the subsequent freedom that comes from stepping further into adult-like thinking.

Scott started coaching students in 2012 with College Excel, the nation’s leading college support program, before moving into the Academic Director position in 2015, where he was responsible for the academic development of all students in the program. He integrated cutting edge research about learning disabilities, motivation, anxiety and behavior into lessons and tools that students that helped students take control of their pursuit of success in academic and life endeavors. Scott trained, hired and mentored new coaches, in addition to giving trainings and presentations about executive function, learning disabilities and adolescent psychology.

Scott Rowles is a lifelong Bend resident and currently resides on the outskirts of town with his wife and two daughters. He has twenty-one chickens, a tabby cat, and a standard poodle, Walter, who occasionally attends coaching sessions. Scott is an avid cyclist, runner, mountain biker, and backcountry skier. 

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