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The Sacred Rituals of Recovery

All new clients of Skyline Recovery begin the journey with a wilderness based rites of

passage and intention setting ceremony. Throughout a client's stay at Skyline,

they will participate in several sacred rituals in the wilderness alongside their

clinical team, peers, mentors and family. These are the kinds of primal bonding

experiences that truly bring young men together and help them form the new

tribe they have been searching for.

It's often said that nothing is more indicative of success than the relationship between client and therapist, but what about the relationship between clients and their peers? We see this tribe as an imperative part of each client's recovery journey. This tribe is where...

  • Young men re-learn and redefine who they are.They get to redefine not just what it means to be a man, but what it means be a husband, father, partner, lover and friend.

  • Experiences become the classroom. It's where this re-education of self begins to really take place on a deeper level, and it extends far beyond the therapeutic setting.

  • Health connections are fostered. These young men make connections that last throughout their entire lives: Their recovery community, their sponsorship families, the members of their ashram, dojo, yoga studio, temple, mosque or church! These relationships go far beyond a client’s treatment episode and often, they’ll last a life time!

It is in these new tribes, and in the ceremonies with their brothers, that our

Skyline tribe learn how beautiful and capable they are, not in spite of their past story, but because of it!

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