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Recovery in the Heart of Bend

Skyline Recovery landed in Bend, Oregon because of convenience. It is where our three founders lived and worked, and it made the most sense to start Skyline in the same location. But Bend is more than convenient. Bend is majestic...magical...healing. Bend is where nature, culture, peacefulness and liveliness all intersect. Bend is where you can visit mountains, alpine lakes, roaring rivers and dusty, dry deserts all in one day. Bend is where you can get lost in the wilderness discovering what makes you innately you.

One look at the horizon in Bend and you’ll see the most obvious attraction: mountains. Between the Three Sisters, Mt. Bachelor, and Smith Rock, there are endless options for outdoor activity year round. Skyline day trips often include jaunts to the mountains for hiking, climbing, and exploring. Our natural playground also offers the perfect setting for Wilderness Solos, a traditional rite of passage in the Skyline Recovery program.

It’s impossible to list everything that Bend offers, so we will settle for a sampling of Skyline favorites:

The Skyline Recovery house is located central to the Deschutes River; the roaring waterway that cuts through town. Access to the river and along the riverfront is easy to find and very walkable. In the summer months, kayaking, paddle boarding, and surfing the wave park are popular options for locals and tourists alike.

In keeping with our philosophy of pushing play on life while in recovery, we encourage our students to pursue a job or education in Bend. The house’s location is walking distance to many job sites. Bend also has a public bus system that routes to our two colleges: Central Oregon Community College and the Bend extension of Oregon State University. These opportunities help our young men learn the balance of work, play, and recovery.

Ask any local Bendite and they will all share a unique story of how they landed here; creating a tight-knit community that is bonded by Mother Nature. Perhaps that is why Bend is so special. It is a community of people who chose to live here. It is a community that acknowledges there is power in exploration of the outdoors. It’s a community that relishes the feeling of dirt on their hands.

We know there are many facets and elements to a successful recovery. But we can’t help thinking that the power of Bend adds something special to the recovery journey of every young adult at Skyline Recovery.

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