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Pressing Play on Life

One of the things we often hear at Skyline Recovery when a potential client is

calling, maybe from a satellite phone in the wilderness field or the aftercare

planing office at their treatment program, is they are wanting to get back into

the swing of life. The perfect storm of substance abuse and mental health

struggles knocked them off their intended trajectory, some far off, and they are

excited, nervous, and often uncertain how to get back on course. The foundations of Skyline Recovery is right in our tagline: Press Play on Life. This means our clients get to learn how to redefine and rediscover who they truly are at their core with guidance, therapy, mentorship,

and accountability. 


One of the first things we do with a new client is help them define what success

and recovery means to them. Is it school? Is it a job? Is it financial independence

from their parents? Often times it’s a combination of these goals. In most cases, there is a period of heavy hand holding involving real world skills; from budget management and control of finances to simply learning how to shop in a healthy and effective way.

Therapy is geared towards landing and settling in; learning the negative narrator within and how to face overwhelm and temptation rather than return to self destructive or dissociative behaviors. By the 30-day mark, most clients are registering for or entering college, or starting to work and manage personal finances. This is pressing play. 


We want our clients to have freedom of choice. Our program is committed to being

truly individualized and to tailor a program schedule that allows for life to take

precedent while clinical support remains an active part of the journey. This is why

Skyline Recovery believes in flexible scheduling that allows for individual

counseling, group therapy, recovery meetings, yoga, mindfulness and meditation,

individual life skills and recovery sessions to be built around the client, based on

their individual need. This can be tricky, and this is why we believe in a more

intimate model with smaller communities and smaller client to staff ratios. Yes,

our clients have to abide by the rules and expectations of Skyline Recovery as a

program, but we also get the chance to actually meet clients where they are so

they can start living a real and authentic life. This makes that monumental step from

therapeutic program back into the world not so steep. They don’t have to leave

treatment for the “real world” because they’ve already been living in it!

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