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Patrick Devlin Skyline Recovery Bend Oregon



Co-Founder & Clinical Team
Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Patrick is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Level II Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor. His entry into the therapeutic and addiction field began in 2008 working as a direct care staff member at a wilderness therapy program with adolescents. This experience helped shape his conception about how people change, the power of experiential therapies, and the importance of the relationship between a person and the natural world. He advanced into different levels of responsibility and eventually to the clinical team at this program. Since that time he has worked in a variety of treatment settings including a non-profit with developmentally disabled adults, outpatient addiction services, and a secure mental health facility with severe and persistent mental illness. Most recently before Skyline he was serving as the Program Director and Therapist at a young adult transitional therapeutic program for just under 5 years. 


Patrick is passionate about the meeting place between working directly with clients in therapy and creating an environment of accountability, connection, and change through organizational leadership. He believes that both the therapeutic environment and the quality of the individual work with clients are equally important and essential for a quality program.


Patrick has extensive training and specialty in the areas of addiction, trauma, family dysfunction, mindfulness, and body-based therapies. He is trained in EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, Brainspotting, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and mindfulness approaches. Above all he believes in the Carl Jung assertion, "The good therapist must create a new therapy for each patient". In addition to his therapeutic training and graduate education, he practices and has been trained in nature based rites of passage ceremonies through the School of Lost Borders. He utilizes all of these approaches to create a unique and individualized treatment experience for all clients at Skyline.

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