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Admissions & Business Development Director
Hood River, Oregon

As Admissions and Business Development Director, Molly's primary focus is connecting with potential clients, families, and referring professionals-  offering support in exploring what Skyline Recovery can provide based on individual experiences and needs. 


Molly started in the field in 2013, working with adults struggling with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Molly has made it her career to specialize in the personal and academic needs of young adults who have encountered social and psychological struggles, ultimately affecting their ability to maintain success. She has worked continuously with young adults seeking additional support navigating addiction, depression, anxiety, and other neurodivergence. 


Molly earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Oregon, and a master’s degree from George Mason University in Inclusive Conflict Engagement. 

In addition to her years in therapeutic programming, Molly spent five years at UC Santa Barbara serving students who needed additional personal support during their academic careers. Prior to Skyline Molly was serving as the Admissions Director at a young adult transitional therapeutic program. 

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