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Chad Headshot.jpeg


Recovery Coach

As an alumni of Skyline Recovery, Chad has a deep understanding of what the work here involves. His past experience helps to shed light for current Skyline community members on what can be expected from the program, and directly role model what life can be like after Skyline. 


As a Recovery Mentor, Chad not only helps to connect Skyline clients with each other, but also integrating into the greater recovery community. To Chad, mentoring comes in the form of answering any questions they may have about the program, providing transportation to meetings and going on outdoor adventures. 


Chad clearly and consistently demonstrates his deep passion for supporting others on the path of recovery, recreating in the outdoors and establishing meaningful connections. He shares that passion by taking clients climbing, hiking, skateboarding and exploring the beautiful areas Bend has to offer. 


Meeting each member of skyline where they are is his philosophy for providing the best support possible to each persons unique and individual recovery experience.

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