Skyline Recovery House

Push Play on Life

Skyline Recovery is located in scenic Bend, Oregon. Our mission is to set young people onto a path of recovery from substances, trauma, and life difficulties. We utilize 12-step recovery, sober coaching, cutting edge clinical modalities, family work, rites of passage experiences, and connection with a community of like-minded peers to navigate this transition. 
We offer an individualized residential transition program for young men and male identified individuals and recovery support services at an outpatient capacity for young men and women. 
Skyline Recovery House Bend Oregon
Cascade Mountains Skyline Recovery Bend Oregon

Discover Your Recovery Path

I am profoundly grateful to the brilliant, dedicated and compassionate professionals at Skyline Recovery for their work with our family. Patrick Devlin, Brennon Moore and Dustin Westover are on the cutting edge of the therapies and techniques in their fields, and are deeply immersed in the latest developments in the recovery and mental health areas. But that is just the beginning. They are also unusually compassionate and kind in their handling of family and individual dynamics. They walk the walk of individualized treatment and are extremely effective in motivating individuals and families to move beyond their established patterns and obstacles.
This program is a gem of a resource for the community and for the individuals and families who may be lucky enough to participate in it.
Skyline Recovery Bend Oregon

Recovery. Therapy. Coaching.

We believe that in order for the young men in our program to have an enduring recovery they should be an active participant in their own lives, having 
experiences, and strengthening their recovery and emotional growth skills through real-world practice. Skyline Recovery is not a therapeutic bubble that feels like life has been put on pause. It is truly integrated into the community and pushes play on life.